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Renewable Power Systems offer solar water pumps to the Bendigo and surrounding areas. Our LORENTZ PSk2 systems are our next generation of solar water pumps designed to deliver the highest volume of water across a wide range of lifts. PSk2 pumps perform equally well in irrigation projects and for wide area of drinking water applications where they reliably meet the most demanding requirements, economically and without the use of fossil fuels or a grid connection.

PSk2 provides all of the features and functions that larger scale water projects require including a wide range of sensor inputs and inbuilt monitoring and management. PSk2 is also compatible with LORENTZ CONNECTED services for cost effective remote monitoring and management. Although technically advanced, PSk2 is simple to specify, install and maintain and provides exceptional performance driven by LORENTZ long experience of off grid solar pumping.

PS Helical Rotor Solar Pump Systems


  • Very strong ROI against diesel powered pumping, reducing water production costs and reducing carbon footprint
  • Advanced power management techniques to deliver the most water based on the power available
  • Comprehensive inputs and outputs to provide a cost effective single unit solution
  • Wide range of products to closely match each application and optimize efficiency
  • Fast specification, installation and configuration allow for fast implementation and minimal downtime
  • Smart modular product design for simple and cost effective product repair
  • Powerful inbuilt monitoring and control features provide detailed operational information and simple access to advanced features


  • Engineered in Germany using high quality non corrodible materials
  • IP54/NEMA 3A corrosion resistant housing
  • 0-60Hz motor speed control
  • Wide range of inputs to influence pump behaviour
  • Integrated monitoring and management including onboard recording of 5 years performance data, smart device access via PumpScanner Android™ App and integration to LORENTZ pumpMANAGER remote management service
  • Inbuilt irradiation measurement and pump control based on power available
  • Integration with the LORENTZ SmartPSU for grid / generator connection and power blending
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Other products

Where possible we strongly support & recommend Australian owned and made products, manufactures such as; Selectronic, Plasmatronic, Latronic, Sun Gate Australia, Soma etc.

Our products have been selected from manufactures that have a reputation for producing quality and reliable products; they also back up their products and their re-sellers.

Sun-Power Auto gates

Supporting other quality manafactures such as; Lorentz Germany, SMA, Power One, Apollo Solar, Xantrax, Outback Power, Schott, Sharp, Sanyo, Trina and so on.

“for the quality, you cant go wrong!”

“I First used Renewable Power Systems Company to repair one old system installed by another company. Since then I have had them install two new systems and plan to have another installed this fall. I am very pleased with the quality of products and service that Renewable Power Systems Company Offers.” – Dwight Cobb


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