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Renewable Power Systems and Solar Water Irrigation

Renewable Power systems are a premium installer of Solar Powered Pumping for water irrigation and Stand-alone power supplies and systems. If you need a pumping system for stock water, agricultural irrigation, drinking water or swimming pool filtration, we supply the best products from the world leaders. Our Lorentz pumps are considered some of the best on the market, coming from the German-engineered market leader which is renowned for its durability and efficient products.

Renewable Power Systems is an Australian family owned and operated business in Bendigo, Central Victoria.

We Provide integrated proposals and planning, equipment procurement, construction and maintenance of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) energy projects, aiming at the maximum return on each investment.

Renewable Power Systems offers an extensive range of energy systems and remote power solutions including:



Lorentz Submersible & Surface Solar Pumps

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Waterboy Solar Pumps

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Waterless composting toilets

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Sungates Auto Gate Operators

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Our customers expect the best and that’s what we give them.  So if you are a farmer who:

  • Needs to move water for stock, irrigation or domestic purposes
  • Needs to replace a broken wind mill or diesel/petrol pump
  • Is looking to make savings on fuel costs (or even eliminating fuel altogether)
  • Is installing a new bore or dam.

Or industry that needs to shift water and is looking for cost savings but also a reliable system. Talk to us about how we can help.

Renewable Power Systems offers an extensive range of energy systems and remote power solutions including:

Stand Alone Power Systems (SAPS)

Stand Alone Power Systems are installed mostly in rural areas where connection to the utility grid is too costly or not practical.System cost is subject to daily energy requirements, components selected & your budget.We have over 10 years of experience in the design & installation of Remote Power Systems, we ourselves have lived for many years off grid—we don’t just live it, we breath it!

Grid-connected Solar Systems

A grid-connected solar power system will reduce or can even neutralize your power bills! The main considerations in selecting a solar system are; your budget & available unobstructed roof space. Points to remember; Standard grid-connect systems do not provide power during a power outage & the power out-put of a solar array is dramatically reduced even when partially shaded. Remember a quality installation using quality products will produce higher yields and in the long term greater savings.


Mains Fail – Demand Start – Auto-Start – Interactive – Fully Automatic Renewable Power Systems are suppliers of quality generator sets, names such as;


When you rely on a generator forwork or for back-up power at yourremote property—it has to be dependable.

Where possible we strongly support & recommend Australian owned and made products, manufacturers such as:

 Selectronic, Plasmatronic, Latronic, Sun Gate Australia, Soma etc.

Renewable power systems Selectronic
sungate australia

Supporting other quality manufacturers such as:

Lorentz Germany, SMA, ABB, Apollo Solar, Xantrax, Outback Power, Schott, Sharp, Sanyo, Trina and so on.

“Paul has designed both the initial installation and a subsequent upgrade of our stand alone solar power system. His advice on the technical aspects of what equipment to purchase meant we got a high-quality system for the capacity we required and at the best price. His installation standards were excellent with no compromise on safety and or the required legislated standards. He was happy to allow me to assist where in non-critical items in order to be more economic. The system was originally installed nearly 14 years ago and is still going strong – a good testament to Paul’s workmanship.”
David King Senior Mining Engineer, Centennial Coal Company Limited
“After 3 years of successful operation of my 6kw standalone solar installation I’m happy to recommend Paul McLaughlin to design and install a system that meets your needs and your budget.
I found Paul to be easy to work with and very knowledgeably about the different equipment available including the pros and cons for each.
Great job and better still it does all I need it to.
Paul Woodford, PFW Electrical Pty Ltd
The prompt, honest service we have received from Renewable Power Systems has been excellent. We have no problem recommending the LORENTZ solar pumps supplied and installed by Renewable Power Systems to anyone, as we have already done so to our neighbors. Now they have one too!
Phil & Lora Hocking


We have office in the following location

Head Office: Bendigo, Central VIC


Paul: 0427 221 021

Gordon: 0429 397 699



Although we have been known to travel so if you need us call us to arrange a time.